The Modus team is comprised of passionate and spirited individuals who share a desire to create an environment where each person can learn, develop their skills, and shine. At Modus, an entrepreneurial spirit is ever present, and we seek independent thinkers who come to cultivate new ideas and inspire those around them.

Modus was recognized by The Washington Post as one of the Top Workplaces  in Washington D.C. for the past five years — an honor we attribute to our vibrant culture and commitment to creating an exceptional experience for each individual who chooses to join our company.

Our Core Values lie at the heart of all we do:

BE WILDLY PASSIONATE. Inspire others with your thirst for excellence.

BE CURIOUS. Learn rapidly and eagerly.

BE INNOVATIVE. Create new ideas that prove useful.

EMBRACE CHANGE. Remain agile, flexible and nimble to thrive in an evolving world.

COMMUNICATE. Listen with the intent to understand. Share all relevant information.

HAVE INTEGRITY. Be honest and straightforward with everyone.

USE GOOD JUDGMENT. Make wise decisions, even in the face of ambiguity.

BUILD A POSITIVE TEAM. Learn from one another and help each other to be great.

SERVE OTHERS. Our guests, community, and each other. Be a part of the bigger picture.

LIVE 360. Practice work-life balance.

Open Positions

Successful organizations know that the most important aspect of any business is attracting diverse, creative, and energetic talent. At Modus, we achieve this goal by recruiting individuals both for open positions, as well as leaders that fit well with our culture and core values. There’s no such thing as too much talent and we’re always in the market for the next strong manager.

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